Energy in the Universe

Energy in Universe
Energy in Universe

Everything in the Universe is made from energy. It can take many forms: matter, heat, light, electricity and many others. One key fact about energy is that it can change from one form to another.

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  • Few queries regarding energy:-
    • Is quantity of energy in cosmos is constant?
    • Energy transforms itself in to several forms. What is the basic form of energy?
    • Various forms of energy exist simultaneous. Why, how, when and under what conditions these forms transform among themselves?
    • What are the conditions under which energy converts in to matter? Why, how and when this conversion occurs and what are the circumstances under which this conversion occurs?
    • What is the ratio between matter and energy? Is it a constant? Or up to what level or quantity energy may convert in to matter?
    • Is energy is influenced by gravity?
    • Is anything beyond energy which is conceptualized by so called modern science?

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